my little book  review  in nowhere on, just sitting there gathering disapproval or perhaps complete silence of late

it's of  the work of this moment  by toni packer, i have stayed at and enjoyed the beautiful surrounds at the springwater center in upstate new york and the book was very helpful to me as my brain adapted to new understanding trying to make sense of what was written.

it's very deconstructive, perhaps not quite as deconstructive as my review  ; o )  and people react very negatively to the loss of their investment in religious or cult vocabularies even if they are trash.

i think what has been hard for me to get is that sort of freedom from investing in fixed conceptualisations occurs only once in a generation

you have to look across generations to find like minds, and of course they are mostly dead but alive in their works, which being of immortality live forever.


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something real in a universe of frauds, April 2, 1999

Reviewer: A reader

just thinking about "pushing your own barrow", like its only half, you need to be aware of how instrumental it is with others or you get slaughtered. Religious (or similar) groups seem to utilise this "self kneecapping" in ways that are quite destructive to individuals.....i guess this is illustrative.

well, i took a lot from the book, its slow reading, needs to be worked through, nothing is perfect, subtle flaws will be imbibed along with the sense, but that appears to be par for the course in this game, everyone has ten years to spare...